The Wyttrash Connection – Upcoming and Lively Musician   

My name is Daniel Todd, and I am The Wyttrash Connection. I am an emerging singer/songwriter growing my career as the next first-rate artist in the world of fused genres of music. 

I aim to bring my fans on an adventure through my musical wonders by producing tracks with a mix of rock, country and hip hop tunes. Being a fun-loving, hard-working soul from Pullman, my music falls in a spectrum of electronic synergies with a blend of poptimism at its best.

Born in 1984, I started my expedition in music by writing my first song in fourth grade, a parody called ‘Doughboy’s Paradise’. But my passion for music has led me to drop my first-ever album titled ‘Recyclable’ on all musical platforms. 

It has a total of 7 tracks that are dedicated to the hard workers out there. And I look forward to connecting with my fans and learning what they love about my music. My musical influences were sparked by the good old ’80s-’90s country/rock music during my childhood.

During my teen years, I was jamming to my favorites like Linkin Park, System of A Down, Shinedown, and Disturbed. These vocal trailblazers brought out my inner artist and made me kick-start my musical journey.

My biggest achievement was dropping my single titled ‘Monotheistic Coalition’ that reached over 53,000+ streams on Spotify. 

Apart from my fascination with music, I am a husband and a father of two teenagers, exploring my horizons of singing, and balancing home life with a career.

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