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Social Media Strategy

Many content creators don't just use one social media platform. With a personalized page from legends link, we can place all your social media platforms on one page and optimize it in a way that is more attractive to your following, helping you grow on all the platforms you use.


Do you have a Youtube or Instagram? well, on your landing page if you choose, we can place your feed on your page, this gives your visitors a taste of your platforms and in turn, increases the growth, these are app extensions that our competitors charge a monthly fee for, you have it on your page for life!

Advertising on Social Media

As you grow as a content creator you will find more ways to monetize your platforms, most creators today use either affiliate marketing or sponsorship deals, with our landing pages, adding your sponsor or affiliate site not only looks better than our competitors, but we can personalize a call to action, increasing the conversion rates of the products you have chosen for your monetization.

Look more 

One massive difference with us is that you can look a lot more professional in whatever area you are in. Because everything is personalized on your page your links are not as obvious, and they do not stand out. Any products you promote can be well detailed and explained and your network now knows more about what they are clicking on before they do so, making conversion rates a lot higher.

Build Trust

Build a more trusted and deeper relationship with an about me section. Because we are all unique, we also have many experiences and interests in common with one another, so it is a great idea to add an about you section on your page, we can add a description of you and any pictures you wish, and these personal touches have proven time and time again to help gain support from a wider audience due to their ability to relate to people with similarity 

Working together to save.

When it comes to building a landing page, things tend to get expensive. There are yearly or monthly hosting fees, domain registration, and app extension. These are just a few of so many costs involved.

So what do we charge? 

  • 100% personalized page, for a 1-time fee of $200 USD, or...

  • A personalized page, with our header and footer 1-time fee of $150 USD

Learn With Legends Lander

  •  Duplicate $25 USD

Added services:

  • Later edits, $50 USD

  • Remove header and footer $50 USD

Your page link will be,

Website creation

What People Are Saying

quotation mark

Just received a page from Legends Links and love how my YouTube feed content automatically updates as I post! It looks amazing and works great on both pc and mobile.

Let's Get Started

Personalized pages can be expensive... 

It is this reason why many will not get a personalized page and instead put all their links on sites that offer the bare minimum when it comes to personalization.

Well, we will build your page by how you want it, just tell us what you want, and what links you want traffic to and we will do the rest!
Better yet, we only charge you a one-time labor cost of $200 and your page is yours for life.

This is possible due to leveraging Adsense, everyone is already used to ads online, so we just add Adsense, then with everyone's pages combined, covers the cost of hosting fees, app extensions, and domain expenses.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us and let's get you a personalized page for a one-time payment.


Let’s Work Together

We are creating a personalized page for you, because this is personalized there will need to be communication, this is to ensure "you" are happy with the service.

Because of this, there is no checkout area, rather we ask you to contact us.

We will then work with you until the completion of your page, there is no hidden fee's to complete it, but there is a charge of $25 for any changes, so let's get it right the first time.

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